Refer a Friend

The best compliment we receive is when our customers tell their friends about us. We have started a referral program to show how much we appreciate your compliments and reward you with savings on our services.

Now, when you refer a friend, family member or colleague who has not been to our store before, both of you will get savings on clothing alterations for 1 month! The more people you refer, the more savings you will get!

How It Works:

1. Every new client you refer will get 5% Discount on all clothing alterations for 1 Month from their first visit.

2.  In return, you will get Referral Credit equal 5% off their every purchase amount, during the same time period.

3. You may use Referral Credits for any alterations in our store within 3 months from the issue date.

Email Referral Card

Please, fill out and submit referral invitation to us and we will email referral card on your behalf.

* Please, provide valid e-mail and phone for communication and account updates.
** Your account is printed on store ticket under your name.

Download and Print

Click on the image to download and print referral card (1.1MB PDF for Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Click here to view and print PNG image.

Terms & Conditions

  • The referral card is valid for use by a client who has not visited our store before.
  • Only one card can be used per new client.
  • Referral card and credits are not transferable to any other person.
  • No cash value is given for discount or credits. No cash back.
  • Discount and Referral Credits are issued at the time of payment for services.
  • Not valid for prior orders.
  • Each Referral Credit record will expire after 3 months since the date of issue.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offers, specials or discounts.
  • The Referral Card is only accepted at Pro Stitch store located in Guildford Town Centre.
  • The program and conditions are subject to changes without notice.

Questions and Answers

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

How can I get a new referral card?
You can email referral card or download and print your own from our website.

Can I get a printable referral card online?
Click here to download and print our online referral card in PDF format. You may also click here to view and print card in PNG image format using your browser’s Print command.

Can I send an electronic referral card to my friend by email?
You can email electronic Referral Card using form above. We will send the referral card with your name and account number to your friend’s email address on your behalf. It is fast, secure and will also reduce waste and save energy.

How do I get a referral credit?
Simply, refer a new client who has never been to our store before. You will get credits equal 5% off every new client’s purchase amount for 1 month since their first visit.

How many referral credits can I receive?
There is no limit how many credits you can receive. You will accumulate credits for all new client purchases during 1 month since their first visit.  The more you refer, the more credits you will get to spend on alterations!

Is there expiry on Referral Credits?
Each credit  record will be valid for 3 months from the date issued. Please, provide valid e-mail address if you would like to be notified about credit expiration.

Where can I find my Account #?
Your account number is printed on your ticket under your name. You can also call or email us with your name and phone to find out your Account.

What referral credit is good for?
You can choose to apply referral credit towards balance of your order when you pay for any alteration, embroidery and dry-cleaning services in our store. Enjoy greater savings with using your credits.

Can the referral credits be redeemed for cash value?
Referral credits can only be applied to purchases of services in our store and cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred to another person.

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